Signal – P&I’s Answer to the Future of Resourcing

Signal – P&I’s Answer to the Future of Resourcing
The last year has brought a lot of ups and downs, however one noticeable benefit has been the surge towards a digital workplace. Luckily, we’ve been able to stay connected via the internet, whether it’s a video conference call for work or a quiz with family members from around the world. Modern technology has helped us all to navigate through these trying times.

At P&I, we’re always searching for innovative ways to improve, moving away from a mass of crowded excel sheets into a sleek and intuitive software called Signal. Signal is a program designed to reduce mass data entry and keep the boots on the grounds of our worksites safer than ever. Signal offers an in-built fatigue calculator as well as a live Sentinel upload, ensuring our team members have the necessary qualifications and skillsets. One of the many positives to the software is ensuring that everyone is on the same page, keeping our data in one location to view in real time. This helps us to ensure that our service is delivered efficiently and accurately.

Within Signal, there is an inbuilt timesheet process that works digitally from a web app. This will reduce the need for physical copies of timesheets, helping us to reduce our paper usage overall. With P&I’s updated approach towards the construction industry, we want to ensure we are not only the best and safest delivery company out there, but also head towards a greener tomorrow and a refreshing new outlook on resourcing.

Bradley Marshall 

Implementation Team