Access Planner in Doncaster Area

Job Category: access planner
Job Type: planner
Job Location: Doncaster
Pay and Benefits: TBD on interview
Language: English
Expected Hiring Date: April 2022 ASAP
Hires Needed: 1

The role is key to ensuring project works are adequately planned and coordinated, ensuring compliance with the PDSW standards during the planning phase.

Duties include:

  • Make provision for compliance with the following PDSW, access planning documents during the planning phase: –
    • NR/L2/OHS/O19 – Planning and delivering safe work – Safety of people at work on or near the line.
    • NR/L3/OHS/O19-IP – Planning and delivering safe work – Implementation principles for infrastructure Projects.
    • NWR Possession Planning System (PPS).
    • NWR Engineering Access Statement (Rules of the of Route).
    • NWR Green Zone Access Controller (GZAC).
  • Responsible for ensuring worksites and line blocks are compliant with PPS and suitable for the works.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with SSOW Planners and Responsible Managers the planned worksite/possessions and any late changes that may affect the planned works.
  • Coordinate with Responsible Managers to ensure all aspects of works are covered.
  • Coordinate with 25kv Isolation Planners to ensure Isolation limits are incorporated in planned worksite/possessions (if required).
  • Record all aspects of possession planning/Line blocks booked and ensure adequate provision, review, audit and improvement as required.


  • Ability to travel to different locations as and when required.
  • Ability to plan and forecast future requirements.
  • Conversant with Railway Legislations.
  • Write Access to PPS.
  • Write Access to GZAC.
  • Understanding of railway access planning tools e.g. track access diagrams, quail maps etc
  • Experience in planning projects, ideally within the railway industry and OLE.
  • Understanding of NR/L2/OHS/019 – Planning and Delivering Safe Work, Safety of people at work on or near the line.

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